Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jaedin's New Project

A note from Timber, Jaedin's mom:

Recently at his friend's baptism, Jaedin noticed that the cookies ran out before everyone had a chance to get one. Jaedin was concerned about this and on our way home from the church we got into a conversation that led to us talking about how sometimes there isn't enough to go around in the world, and that's why we need to serve others. We need to share what we have with those that don't have as much.

From that conversation has come Jaedin's desire to put together a Christmas project to help others. Nathan and I helped him choose this cause and he has helped do the rest. Now he needs your help. Please take the time to donate a few dollars so that Jaedin can reach his goal.

Often at Christmastime we talk about remembering the true meaning of Christmas. Jaedin isn't content to just hear about the true meaning of Christmas--he wants to live it. Please help him to find the true meaning of Christmas in his goal to help others. Every tiny bit will help!

Thank you!
Love Timber

If you live locally, you can also donate these new items:

Girls, boys or neutral colors, size 0-3 months
- onesies (long- or short-sleeve is fine)
- sleeper
- disposable diapers
- diaper rash cream
- receiving blanket
- burp cloths
- bottles with nipples (not a kind that uses liners)
- cloth bibs
- socks
- newborn hat
- mittens (to prevent newborns from scratching themselves)


Jessie and kids said...

we'll help out! Just so ya know you have an awesome little family. It takes great parents to raise great kids. You guys are all awesome~

Butterfly Kisses said...

What a great Christmas Project. What a great kid. You bet we'd like to help.